Artist Biography

Based in the Mid-Atlantic, Jenifer Saienni leverages her own skills and follows no teacher to produce art pieces blending innovative mediums into custom mixed media art.


Viewing life through a photographer’s lens, she captures the stunning colors of nature that further inspires her art pallet and the pieces she produces.

A peak behind the scenes reveals Jenifer’s skilled carpenter father. She grew up entranced by the process…and driven creatively from the by-products of that carpentry. Not finding the technique to bring her vision to fruition, Jenifer advanced a unique plastic/putty/tie-dye process that has become the hallmark of her artistry.

Blending artistry with practicality, a triple art scope has emerged:

Decorative Wood Art
Stencil Art
Mosaics/Jewelry Making

Steeped in Expressive Art Therapy to acknowledge and address sensory differences, Jenifer is driven to create…and to connect. Her passion for practicality, color, and beauty led to the start of her art therapy business. Discovering new techniques and mediums, the sensory Act of Art breaks down barriers and elevates everyone symbiotically.

With art organization affiliations that span neighboring states, Jenifer has shown her work and gained patrons that feature her creations prominently in their businesses and homes.

Art has become the release from her daily work that spans data infrastructure, IT functionality, integrity, governance, risk, and reporting.